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The Signs of Water Damages inside Your Home

The Signs of Water Damages inside Your Home

As a homeowner, it must be important for you to keep up with any possible problems in your home. This need must be escalated even further if you are considering buying or selling your home. However, as any experienced homeowner will tell you, there are certain signs you can learn to look out for when it comes to water damages. The more quickly you pick up on these signs, the more easily you can save yourself from huge problems such as serious mold growth or rot and other damages which can come from extensive water damage.

Start by looking from the outside:

The first thing you should do is to start looking at your home from the outside. There are a couple of structural benefits that help prevent water damages to your home. An example of this is that the home should be built in such a way that it is at the highest level of the entire property, along with the rest of the ground sloping away, so that any water can be run off in the opposite direction. If this isn’t the case, you’ll need to get work done or water can collect in the basement or around the foundation.

The next thing you’ll want to do is to look around the entire home. Check to see if any of the pipes that divert water outside are damages or burst. If this is the case, have them fixed at once, as this may result in water collecting around the home. When it comes to the attic, make sure that all of shingles are present and that they aren’t cracked, meaning there is little chance of water leaking into the attic. Also look for any damages to the windows, such as spaces and gaps, which can also become a source of leaks.

Signs of water damages inside the home:

When it comes to the inside of the home, you’ll want to look out for signs such as water rings around the ceiling or on the walls, soft spots in the area near your tub, sink, shower, or appliances such as washing machines, and cracks in the floors, caused by water damages to it. You should also look for water marks under your sink, and for any kind of discoloration inside the kitchen. It’s a good idea to look for rust, especially around appliances that deal with water, such as a heater. Also, look out for a musty smell, which is a sure sign of damage.

Signs of water damages inside your attic:

You can look for the indications of water damages inside the attic by paying special attention to the region that connects the roof and the walls of the attic. Other areas that are vulnerable to water damages are the areas around the chimney or the vents in your roof. You can also check your insulation. If there is any mold growing there, have it replaced at once.

Signs of water damages inside your basement:

Basements are a typical victim of water damages in most homes, either through leaking heaters or through leaks into the foundation, or a flooding nearby. This can be disastrous as the basement is usually where most of the storage items in the home are placed. These can be lost during this process, and because the basement is rarely visited, the damage can go unnoticed, making it susceptible to attack by mold.

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