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Water Damage Repair When You Have Water Everywhere

Water Damage Repair When You Have Water Everywhere

Water is one of the most important parts of life. Every day our bodies are sustained with it. However, sometimes disaster strikes when water has a mind of its own. No one likes a flooded home, whether it’s due to a natural disaster, a broken pipe, or a broken washing machine. Sometimes the world seems like it will come crashing down because there’s a flood in the living space. At Conejo Restoration we make water damage repair as easy as possible.

The Unattended Bath Time

Sometimes human error is the only reason why the upstairs bathroom flooded. We know that with every instance of water damage, the repair is different. Perhaps your little explorers decided to explore the depths that the bath tub would allow. Which means, they forgot to turn the tap off as they were diving those shallow depths. The water rose, went all the way out the hall, soaked the carpet and thundered down the stairs. Not to mention the drywall, the linoleum, and the insulation. If you thought the sea monsters were scary, the health and safety hazards of water damage will terrify you.

Water Damage Dangers

If water damage is improperly taken care of, your home or office could face dire consequences. There are many health and safety hazards associated with walls and floors that are not dried out properly. These can lead to mold, which is bad for your health and welfare. Not only can mold spores make those that breath them in very sick, but mold is unsightly and lowers the value of your property. Mold isn’t the only thing to worry about with water damage. Depending on what type of water damaged your home, there could be microscopic bacteria that is also harmful, maybe even worse than mold.

Water Damage Repair Plan

At Conejo Restoration once you call us, we develop an individualized plan to clean up your water damage. We begin by diagnosing your situation. No matter what caused the damage, we find out what the level of contamination is, and if there are any biohazards to worry about. We protect your valuables from any moisture, and remove most items from the area that’s to be dried. Moreover, we do all this while giving your insurance company a good faith estimate of restoration cost. After that, we begin the work. With the usage of specialized equipment, we ensure the removal of all contaminants, so that nothing can hurt your family or office. We sanitize and deodorize, making sure no musty smell remains, to remind you of that fateful day. We also provide support throughout the insurance claim process.

Trusted and Accredited, Call Conejo Restoration

When you hear a sloshing, and the water runs down the stairs, don’t run for the dehumidifier and think you can solve the problem yourself. There are hidden dangers if you don’t seek a professional. For the health and welfare of your family, it’s best to call a professional. Water damage repairs are best left to experts, and at Conejo Restoration we are knowledgeable and an accredited business to take care of your needs. No matter if it was a natural disaster, or if you’re chalking it up to the kids being a force of nature, we can help.

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