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How Your Home Can Be Restored after Fire Damages

How Your Home Can Be Restored after Fire Damages

Once a fire has been dealt with in your home, it may be a very difficult time for you. Not only is it disheartening to be faced with a loss of at least some of your most precious and prized possessions, it can also be stressful to have to figure out what to do next. However, it is important for you not to lose sight of what’s important, because restoration after fire damages can be crucial to bring your home back to the way it was.

Stay organised and document everything

Between the chaos of the fire and the fear of your loved ones getting hurt, you may find yourself panicking. However, once the safety of everyone is established, you should keep calm and stay organised. One of the best things you can do is to keep a small binder with you. Here, you can add all of the notes of the conversations you have, along with a small inventory of all the damages you notice inside the home.

Call up your insurance company

Once you have your inventory, you should immediately call up your insurance company. They will help you file a claim, and you should get that done as soon as possible. You should also provide the company with proof that you have undergone a fire to start the claim. This is why it’s best to call them quickly so they can get all the particulars done for you in time.

Call up your restoration company

Next, you will need to call a cleaning or restoration company. It is best to call someone who can also provide construction services to help you save time and money that will otherwise be spent on looking for another company. The property will initially be secured by being boarded up, and then the team will get to work, helping you restore the parts of the home that require work, along with replacing some of the items that have been lost.

Have a fire damages restoration plan made

Once both your insurance company and the restoration company are on board, they will need to work together to create a plan for the total restoration of the home. The restoration team will work on fixing damages to the structure of the home and having it cleaned, and the insurance company will use the inventory of damages to help you decide what items can and can’t be replaced. If some of the items need to be removed, make sure that the restoration team can take responsibility for them, their transport, and safety.

Things you need to avoid

Certain things will need to be avoided in case of a fire. You shouldn’t clean the residue yourself. Also, make sure that no carpets or furniture exposed to smoke is used, and the same goes for food items. When it comes to appliances or computers, make sure they are checked by an electrician before they can be used or turned on.

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