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Possible Fire Damage after a Serious House Fire

Possible Fire Damage after a Serious House Fire

Fires in a home can be frightening and cause huge amounts of damage. The worst part of a fire that is not very minor in nature is that there is generally a lot of hidden damage that you can’t see straight after the fire has been put out. There are a number of aspects that need to be addressed when repairing a fire damaged home.

Soot: Even once a home has been cleared of the fire damage and repairs have been made, there may be soot in areas such as the in the air vents or cooling/heating systems and other places that might not have been cleaned thoroughly enough. Inhaling soot is a serious health risk and can be cancerous as well as affecting the reproductive system. It is always best to get an expert involved in removing all the soot from your home after a fire.

Structural Damage: Most of the structural damage can clearly be seen, but there may also be hidden structural damage caused by the fire. You would need to have the foundation and the rest of the structure assessed to ensure there has not been any deeper harm done by the intense heat and the water and chemicals used to put the fire out.

Asbestos effects: A number of homes have asbestos in the walls and ceiling which is generally not stable and of no risk. Fires can disturb the asbestos and release fibers into the air. If these are inhaled they can cause serious respiratory problems as well as cancers.

Mildew and mold: When the fire is being put out, a huge amount of water is poured into your home to extinguish it. Most of this water will evaporate due to the heat of the fire and the structures affected by the fire, but the rest of the water is left on the surfaces of your home. This will soak into walls, floors, spacing and ventilation. The warm, moist areas create a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. The spores from certain molds can be very harmful to humans. Allergies, respiratory issues, skin problems, neurological issues and even death can be caused from molds. They also tend to give off bad odors which make living in your home uncomfortable.

Chemicals in the house: Chemicals used in putting out the fire as well as possible contamination from chemicals in your home that were released during the fire (containers melting or exploding from the heat) all need to be cleaned up safely to protect your family’s health.

Water and Electricity: There may be issues with the electrical cabling throughout your home after the fire, so you would need to ensure a proper assessment and replacement where necessary before using any electrical outlets in your home. The structure of your water pipes in the home might also have been compromised due to extreme heat. This would also need assessment to ensure you don’t have issues with flooding due to burst pipes soon after moving back into your fire damage repaired home.

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