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Three Ways to Spot Leaks in Your Home

Three Ways to Spot Leaks in Your Home

Usually, when a leak happens in your kitchen or in your bathroom, the leak is pretty much obvious. However, sometimes, water damages like leaks aren’t as easy to pick out and notice, e.g. when a burst pipe allows water to seep inside your property. If these problems aren’t picked up on quickly by the homeowner, the damage can get worse and become difficult to fix as time goes by. However, you can learn to notice possible leaks if you become aware of the signs of a leakage.

An abrupt drop in the home’s pressure and water volume

You will first notice a change in the home’s water pressure. This is because the leak changes the volume of water entering in your home’s plumbing system. You will notice a difference in the pressure in everyday chores, etc. The best thing to do when you notice such a thing is to immediately have your plumbing checked for potential leaks.

If you are a new homeowner, and you find that the pressure in your home has been inadequate from the beginning, it may be that the pipes in your home already have a leak present. In such situations, you will need to have your plumbing inspected as soon as possible and potentially repaired.

Growth and development of new mildew and molds

Even small leaks can cause huge problems and can create water damages. Because of the leak, the air becomes moister, which crates humid conditions that help promote growth of unwanted molds and mildew. In winters, this becomes an even bigger problem as it is less humid outside than inside the home.

Mold growth can sometimes be seen on the outside, but usually, the mold is growing internally. This needs to be addressed at once. Also, mature mold creates spores which can travel through your home, settle down, and grow into a new colony of mold. This can be dealt with by professional restoration services companies, which can help you clean out the mold to prevent further growth.

Formation of potholes in your property

If the leak in your home is very severe, it can also lead to the creation of potholes in your property. This can also come from a leak that has persisted over a long period of time, causing the land to change structure and shift. Potholes are especially bad for your home because they can undermine the structure of your home, and affect the driveways and pathways. In some cases, extensive damage may lead to the city fining you, and in addition to that, the repair is extremely expensive and difficult.

In most cases leaks in homes are quickly noticed and addressed. However, in uninhabited properties, things are much different. A leak can start and can present for a long time, long enough to create problems like potholes. The best way to prevent any of these problems is to be on the lookout and deal with the problems as soon as they can be dealt with.

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