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A Little Mold Around the Skylights

A Little Mold Around the Skylights

You only, ever look up at your skylights when it is raining hard, and you hear the pitter-patter on glass. However, when you notice a drip on the kitchen counter, from your skylight, you look up again. You might wonder how long your skylight has been leaking. Furthermore, you want to know the damage. Perhaps your skylight isn’t leaking anymore, but it looks a little, fuzzy and gray. That’s right, mold is the problem. The professionals at Conejo Restoration help eliminate this problem through removal and remediation.

Acting Fast

It is important to catch water damage right away. Then your home and belongings can be dried properly to avoid future mold. However, it’s sometimes difficult to catch water damage right away. This means the water is to dry by itself, and not completely. Leftover moisture causes mold to occur. It even occurs without water damage, and may be present in humid areas of your home, and even on the outside of your home.

How Mold Occurs

Mold likes to grow in places of high humidity. In your home, includes places like your bathrooms and the laundry room. Additionally, you might find it growing near the dishwasher, washing machine, and their vents leading outside. It is also found in basements and crawl spaces. Because some mold is extremely dangerous, it is bad for your home and bad for your health. Moreover, it leads to long term health problems for you and your family. This is why it is important to bring in professionals to remove mold as soon as you find it.

Inspection and Prevention

At Conejo Restoration, we bring in professionals to inspect and prevent mold growth in your home. By performing tests, they determine the type of mold, and decide if and how dangerous it may be. Immediately after this, the removal process begins, and steps are taken to prevent future growth by drying the area properly. Moreover, they may suggest putting fans in the bathroom, as it is a particularly humid area. Leaving a fan on during and after your bath or shower helps eliminate the humid air, and is a prevention tool.

Environmentally Conscious

Our professionals are trained in environmental inspections. If a burst pipe or a leaky roof caused mold to grow in your home, our professionals can handle it. Moreover, they provide inspection services to customers for no charge. Sometimes, bringing in a third-party environmental testing company is necessary, to provide sampling and remediation. Because knowing the difference between removal and remediation is important, they also help you determine the severity and location of a mold infestation.

Conejo Restoration Can Help

By providing an on the spot treatment plan for your mold removal needs, restoration begins sooner. We work to assure you, that you will have a clean and safe home. From containment to disposal and remediation, our professionals inform you in every step of the process. At Conejo Restoration, we are proud to serve Conejo Valley and the surrounding areas.

Last Thoughts

While mold can occur for many reasons it remains potentially dangerous. It can be particularly unsightly as well. For those reasons it is necessary to call trained professionals to remove an infestation in your home. They also help prevent future infestations.

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