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The Ins and Outs of Water Damage Coverage

The Ins and Outs of Water Damage Coverage

When facing water damage, you often wonder what your insurance covers when it comes to restoration. Your insurance company provides water damage coverage specific to the cause of the damage. Water damage caused by a flood, or otherwise known as an outside source, requires special insurance coverage. Usually, your insurance provider covers water damage from interior sources, such as appliances and busted pipes. Each policy contains specifics on how to cover water damage restoration to your home. No matter what caused your water damage, it can be restored.

Water Damage Coverage Inside the Home

The first thing you do, when you discover water damage in your home is file a claim. The common dilemma of filing a claim, is knowing cause behind the damage. Some common causes include a broken pipe, a faulty sump pump or a roof leak. Broken appliances also cause flooding and water damage. Water damage coverage is very specific, based on the cause. Usually, your insurance provider covers any damages and restoration caused by a problem inside of the home.

Water Damage Coverage Outside of the Home

Unfortunately, water damage comes in various forms, not just inside the home. Your insurance provider handles water damage caused by flooding differently than water damage caused from interior sources. Unknown to many homeowners, flooding needs a particular sort of coverage. According to most insurance providers, water damage from flooding is caused by an overflowing river, overflowing lake, a hurricane, a tsunami, a mudslide, and even heavy rains. In northern states, ice jams on rivers often cause flooding in the spring, as well. When dealing with your provider, you may want to debate the water damage coverage. It’s possible that your sump pump was unable to keep up with flooding, or torrential rains caused your roof to leak. Unfortunately, your insurance company consider these details situational.

Whatever the Cause Restoration is Possible

Perhaps, like many homeowners, you believe that you waited too long trying to figure out your water damage coverage, and in doing so, the water damage only got worse. Regardless of you water damage coverage, Conejo Restoration is here to help. We help restore your home to its pre-damaged condition. We assess water damage on a case by case basis, and tread you as an individual. Most importantly, we treat your home with respect.

How We Clean up Water Damage

When we treat water damage, we only use the best techniques. With the use of dehumidifiers, all moisture is sucked out of the house. Not only that, but through the application of air movers, any lingering humidity in the air doesn’t have time to settle and sink into the area. Moreover, we use fans and special, electric panels to completely dry the area. After that, with the use of software, we check for any remaining moisture in order to prevent bacteria and mold growth. Lastly, we clean and sanitize the area so that any bacteria that was present no longer has the ability to effect your family.

No matter the cause of your water damage, if it is a flood or an internal fault, Conejo Restoration helps restore your home. All work is on a case by case basis. We begin by helping with your water damage insurance claim. Moreover, we treat you as an individual, because you deserve to be treated that way.

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